About Us

Wyong Uniting Church is registered as COVID Safe.

We comply with Government and Health Department COVID regulations and follow the recommendations as distributed by the Uniting Church in Australia, NSW and ACT Synod.

Our 9.00am Sunday Service is a traditional style Worship Service.

On the third Sunday of each month, we celebrate the Sacrament of Holy Communion as part of our regular Worship Service.


Our COVID Safety Plan, as well as all safety measures outlined below, are reviewed and updated on a regular on-going basis.

Our Church Council has recently met and approved the following Statement to be displayed at the Church and on the Website.

Whilst we respect your rights as an individual, we STRONGLY RECOMMEND you to abide by the following requests, to protect all Congregation Members and yourself:

  • Please use Hand Sanitiser,
  • Please Practise Covid-19 Safe Distancing,
  • Please wear a Mask whilst inside the Church,
  • Please do not attend if you are unwell or have any cold/flu like symptoms.


Wyong Uniting Church

Wyong Uniting Church is registered as COVID Safe.  We will continue to re-evaluate any restrictions or requirements to ensure you are kept safe whilst attending our Church.


When you arrive you will be greeted and welcomed at the entry to the Church.  

 Well Being

Your wellbeing and the protection of all attending our Services is our priority, therefore, if you are unwell or have any cold/flu symptoms, it is requested that you do not attend our Service.

 Face Masks

The wearing of a mask when attending church is not mandatory, our Church Council has requested that masks be worn by all attendees whilst inside the building, to protect both yourself and all other attendees.


Whilst Singing remains a COVID high-risk activity (similar to coughing or sneezing), it remains a vital part of our Worship Service and you are welcome to join in singing our Hymns.  


During our Communion Service (the 3rd Sunday each month), you will receive communion, however, this will be a slightly altered process which takes into account COVID, safe food-practices and social distancing.  This will be explained at the commencement of the Service.

 Morning Tea

You are welcome to join us for morning tea, following each Service, which is served in a COVID safe manner.


Seating is arranged to ensure safe distancing is maintained with all who are not living in your household.  Couples or family members from the same household are able to sit together, as long as a safe distance is maintained around the group.  This requirement applies to the Worship Area and the Hall.

 Social Distancing

Please make sure you maintain a safe distance with anyone who is not in your household.

 Passing the Peace

“Passing the Peace” will not be undertaken in the usual way. Whilst there may still be a place in the Service to turn and say “peace be with you” to each other, you are requested to undertake this in a safe manner.


In-line with our COVID-19 policy, instead of passing around the Offering Plates, an Offering Box is located at the entry to the Sanctuary area for you to place your offering in, as you either enter or leave the Worship Service.   You are also welcome to continue your giving online or via EFT.

Contact Details:  

 email: wyonguca@gmail.com

  phone: 0421 785 599